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  • $40 Standard Bow Tuning 1st hr. $20 additional hrs

  Adjustments include serving draw length, draw weight, D-Loop, nock point and serving center shot w/ laser shot.mers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service



  • $60 Super Tuning or Advance Bow Tuning 1st hr $20 additional hrs

      Adjust cam lean, cam timing, check axle/brace height. Bare shaft paper tune and chronograph. Price and services                  include standard bow tune service.



  • $30 Preventive Maintenance

     Clean bow, Cam/Idler Wheel, String w/ re-waxing and Axle greasing.

Other Services


  • $40 Install/Change Bow String
  • $30 Draw length adjustments
  • $5 adjust draw weight
  • $10 adjust nocking point
  • $20 install arrow rest (string or limb activated) $10 otherwise
  • $20 Tie in peep
  • $15 Tie D-loop

Arrow Cutting and Fletching


  • $1 Each for cutting and gluing inserts
  • $1 for installing nock
  • $2 for Uni-bushing install
  • $3 for fletching of arrows

Display their FAQs


Please ask about any other prices for services rendered. Due to technician availability and time strains it may be requested that equipment be left for services to be completed.

Prices are indicative of services provided and do not include the cost of materials. Please inquire for a quote and we will gladly provide you a total of cost before providing any service.

Thank You

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