Lessons and Range Time


Lessons Traditional For One $25 For Two $45

Introduction to Archery and Range Safety. Instruction given on Traditional Archery Bows. Class is generally 1 hr. All Equipment is Provided. 

Lessons Compound For One $40 For Two $70

Introduction to Compound Archery. Instruction given on Safe use of Compound Bow using Mechanical Release Aid. Initial Introduction to Archery and Range Safety must be Completed before Compound Instruction is given. Class is generally 1 hr. 

One on One lessons - $35.00-$45.00

  • 2 people can be accommodated

  • 1 hour of introduction to archery - $35
  • 1 hour of introduction to compound - $45

Coaching - $30 per hr Traditional

``Can accommodate 2 persons. Coaching consists of one on one instruction covering proper form and release. In addition this will cover bow tuning and the use of state of the art software training to determine areas of strength and weakness. In addition General Counsel, advice and positive encouragement as well as tournament preparation and overcoming issues like target panic are given. (Prior One one One Meeting with the coach is required)

Compound Coaching - $45 Per Hr.

Range Time & Equipment Rental  

  • Range Time                $10.00 Hr (No Equipment Provided)
  • Traditional Rental     $ 20.00 Hr (Everything Provided + Range Time)
  • Compound Rental    $30.00 Hr (Set-Up Needed All equipment Provided + Range Time)  

Due to limited space please call in advance to schedule range time.