Private Groups & Team Building

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Archery is one of the few sports where a person can engage in as an individual. This is what gives Archery the Amazing Feeling of Tranquility and Peace. But what makes it one of the greatest sports is the ability to enjoy it in a group setting where competition can be elevated and the friendly rousting of friends, family and co-workers can commence. So we at Good Shot Archery decided to open our doors to Private Group Settings and Team Building Events! 

Private Group Event– Book and Event for you Private Group ideal for a larger group of friends just wanting to enjoy some time together or even a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party!

Private Club Event – Book an Event for your Club ideal for clubs or associations like the Boy, Girl or Cub Scouts of America or any other club or affiliation looking for a private setting exclusive to their needs

Private, Home or Charter School – Book a Private Session for students to learn and compete in a private controlled and safe environment.

Private Business and Company Team Building – Book an Event for your employees to be instructed in the Ancient Art Of Archery in a Private Setting. Enjoy friendly Competition while Encouraging others to succeed in shooting at Olympic Style, 3D  or Dart Board Style Targets.   

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